Let's Join Hands for a Delightful Journey!!!

Merry means Joyful, 

Mystic is a yogic path..

And 'Merry Mystics' is not a business to me, rather a JOURNEY towards being JOYFUL and contented.

LIFE is never going to be PERFECT, it never was, no perfect bodies, no perfect relationships, no perfect workplaces, It is all about looking beyond the screen on which our mind projects the illusion of grievances.

Every attempt at practice invites deep GRATITUDE and contentment, so always remember to imbibe some part of the practice into your routine LIFE!!!

Our Classes

Merry mystics offers a range of classes starting from group to personalised ones.

The environment of the classes is very friendly and encouraging: suitable for all levels.

There are some special options for Life coaching, Women and Elders

A Trial Class is would allow you to taste and build a plan before we begin.

Are you ready to meet challenges for your life from fresh perspective!!

Gentle (chair) to advanced yoga at different centers across Worcester

One to one classes at 4 locations, personalised to suit your goals

Balance your feminine energy and unleash the goddess inside

Crossword quiz, Words to find: 

Locust, Tree, Cow, Headstand, Cat, Dragon, Crow, Boat, Eagle, Bow

What our yogis say!!

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